Years ago, repiping would have been an expensive, long process, but now, thanks to modern technology, repiping will only cost you a fraction of what it would have. Repiping is exactly what the name says; replacing the old pipes in your house with new pipes. Sometimes, when it comes to serious situations, it's necessary to rip everything out and start new again. If you notice multiple leaks in a year, weird smells, strange dripping noises or nasty water in your home, it may be time for you to consider going out with the old and in with the new in order to prevent further damage.

Why you should replace your pipes

Your pipes can corrode and fail from a number of different reasons including age and quality of water or materials. The length of the repiping project depends on the size of your home, the number of water lines and the type of materials already installed. The average repiping project takes roughly 3 to 7 days, while some smaller homes can take only a day or two. The lifespan of pipes can be anywhere from 25 to 80 years, but getting them replaced before then has its perks. If you sell your home at any point, you can increase the value of the home and the selling price by advertising new whole-house plumbing. This is a great asset to a potential buyer because they know they will not have to worry about plumbing issues. Replacing your pipes also has other benefits including reduced water bills, increased water pressure, solved plumbing issues and better quality drinking water.


Piping issues

Does your hot water lack pressure compared to your cold? Are you experiencing constant water leaks and copper pipes? These common piping issues could be a signs of galvanized pipes, failure in fittings or failure in the pipe itself. If your hot water is lacking pressure, you most likely have galvanized piping, and when one pipe starts to go, it's only a matter of time before the rest will deteriorate as well. When it comes to copper pipes, this is called galvanic corrosion, an electrochemical process in which one metal corrodes preferentially when it is in electrical contact with another, which can be solved through repiping. Pipes that look fine on the outside, may not be fine inside. That is why you need an experienced plumber to inspect your home’s pipes if you suspect a problem.


PEX Plumbing Pipes

Cross-linked polyethylene flexible tubing — commonly called PEX — has grown in popularity for residential plumbing over the past decade as an alternative to traditional copper and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) piping. PEX pipes are durable, lessening the chances of future leaks. They are also quieter, resistant to extreme high and low temperatures, efficient, provide fast flowing water, can reduce your utility bills, are environmentally friendly and last a lifetime. This piping is fairly cost effective as well, which is why plumbers are moving from traditional repiping to a more modern form of repiping. Plumbing with PEX is cheaper than plumbing with copper because the material is less expensive and it requires a lot less effort from plumbers to implement a new plumbing system using PEX pipes.


What does repiping entail

As previously mentioned above, depending on the size of your house, repiping may take anywhere from a couple of days to a week. Repiping often involves breaking up concrete, breaking walls and replacing water lines and drain lines. Sometimes, if the situation is serious, it can involve replacing the sewer line, especially if the trees have decided to start dipping into them. Typically, it is possible to do the bulk of the work that requires complete water shut off while you are out and about during the day, so you experience minimal disruption to your daily routine. To begin the repiping process, the team will first cover any carpet and furniture to protect them from dust and debris. They will then make small cuts in the wall and drywall to locate the pipes and then remove and replace them, leaving as much of the original building material as possible intact.


Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we perform pipeline inspections, sewer line inspections, plumbing inspections and more. We are committed to helping our clients by identifying any trouble spots that may require disassembly, cleaning or repair. This includes manholes, duct work and pipelines. We specialize in video pipeline inspections for a range of home and business needs. When you get your pipes inspected by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you can rest assured that an experienced plumber will be on the job. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers customers on-time plumbing services, replacement and repairs done right the first time with courtesy, convenience, cleanliness, competence and character. If you are looking to replace your pipes contact us at (334)787-0035.

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